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I love teaching and have served as a teaching assistant and delivered guest lectures during my MS and Ph.D. Here are the courses that I have been involved with:

At Virginia Tech

  • ESM 2104: Introduction to Statics, Fall 2013.

  • ESM 2204: Introduction to Dynamics, Spring 2014.

  • ESM 3214: Analytical Mechanics, Fall 2014.

  • ESM 3134: Vibrations, Spring 2015.


  • MAE 210A: Graduate Fluid Dynamics, Winter 2017.

  • MAE 105: Introduction to PDEs, Fall 2018.

  • MAE 210C: Hydrodynamic Stability, Spring 2019

Friends and Collaborators


  • My mother, Didhiti Biswas Chakrabarti is a retired professor of Sanskrit at the University of Calcutta, India, and is an expert in Vedic studies and Indian musicology. She was part of the BBC documentary, The Story of India. I attribute my love, interest, and all my knowledge of music to her.

  • My father, Bhupati Chakrabarti is a retired professor of Physics of City College, Kolkata, India, and former General Secretary of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). He is keen on science history and is involved in science outreach and education. He has authored a number of articles, here is an article that is also featured on Wikipedia. He made me curious about science.

  • My uncle, Kushal Chakraborty is a retired banker and sports journalist. I fell in love with football because of him.

  • My wife, Shreya Biswas is a microbiologist who is pursuing her Ph.D. at Jadavpur University, India. Here is an article by her. She is my partner in all gastronomical adventures. 

  • Here is a short recording of me playing raga Rageshree on Sarod. 

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