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Journal papers

13. Self-organized flows in phase-synchronizing active fluids [arXiv:pdf]

Brato Chakrabarti, Sebastian Fürthauer and Michael J. Shelley

Under Review

12. Dynamics of semiflexible polymers in oscillatory shear flows [arXiv:pdf]

Francesco Bonacci,Brato Chakrabarti,David Saintillan,Olivia du Roure, and Anke Lindner

Under Review

11. Hydrodynamics of swimming sperm cells powered by active filaments [biorXiv:pdf]

Chenji Li, Brato Chakrabarti, Pedro Castilla, Achal Mahajan, and David Saintillan

In Revision

10. A multiscale biophysical model gives quantized metachronal waves in a lattice of cilia  [arXiv:pdf]

Brato Chakrabarti, Sebastian Fürthauer, and Michael J Shelley

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119 (4)  (2022).

9. Signatures of elastoviscous buckling in the dilute rheology of stiff polymers [arXiv:pdf]
Brato Chakrabarti, Yanan Liu, Olivia du Roure, Anke Lindner, and David Saintillan
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 919 A12 (2021).

8. Shear-induced dispersion in peristaltic flow

Brato Chakrabarti, and David Saintillan
Physics of Fluids, 32 113102 (2020).

  • Invited: "Contributions from Early Career Researchers 2020"

  • Selected as a featured article

6. Flexible filaments buckle into helicoidal shapes in strong compressional flows [arXiv:pdf]
Brato Chakrabarti, Yanan Liu, John LaGrone, Ricardo Cortez, Lisa Fauci, Olivi du Roure, David Saintillan, and Anke Lindner
Nature Physics, 2020.

3. Transport and dispersion of active particles in periodic porous media [arXiv:pdf]
Roberto Alonso Matilla, Brato Chakrabarti, and David Saintillan
Physical Review Fluids, 4 043101 (2019).

2. Morphological transitions of flexible filaments in shear flow [arXiv:pdf]
Yanan Liu*, Brato Chakrabarti*, David Saintillan, Anke Lindner, and Olivia du Roure
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences115 9438 (2018)
(* denotes equal contribution)

1. Catenaries in viscous fluid [arXiv:pdf]
Brato Chakrabarti, and James Hanna
Journal of Fluids and Structures, 66 490-516 (2016)

In preparation

Continuum theory and phase dynamics of oscillators with steric interactions

Brato Chakrabarti, Sebastian Fürthauer, and Michael J. Shelley

Ph.D. Thesis

Problems on Viscous Dynamics of Passive and Active Microfilaments [reprint]

Brato Chakrabarti, University of California San Diego, 2019

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