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Research interest

My research interests lie broadly in the fields of Fluid Dynamics, Scientific Computing, Dynamical Systems, Applied Mathematics, and Biophysics. In particular, I am interested in developing theoretical and computational tools to study the hydrodynamics of flexible slender structures and hydrodynamics of active fluids. Problems involve understanding buckling instabilities of passive semiflexible polymers like actin filaments in flow, which are key to various cellular processes and dictate the rheological properties of suspensions. Another set of problems include bottom-up modeling of active micro-filaments like flagella or cilia that are driven out of equilibrium and understanding the role of hydrodynamics in emergent behavior or synchronization. My detailed simulations are often complemented by analytical solutions, scaling analysis, theoretical models from dynamical systems, and experiments done in close collaboration.

I have also worked on problems involving the hydrodynamics of active gels, transport of active and passive particles in porous media, shear dispersion, mixing by chaotic advection, and turbulence in active matter.

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