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My research is driven by the curiosity to understand various fundamental fluid-structure interaction problems at the interface of hydrodynamics at micron scales, transport phenomena, soft and active matter, and biological physics. 


At present, I am particularly curious about: 


1. Synchronization physics, physiological transport, and collective hydrodynamics of ciliary carpets

2. Intracellular flows and their minimal models

3. Modeling emergent dynamics in assemblies of fruit-fly sperm

4. Modeling of flagellar beating in complex environments


5. Nonlinear (hydro)dynamics of elastic filaments


In all these problems, complexity emerges from multiscale (nanometers to millimeters) and multiphysics (hydrodynamic, elastic, and chemical) phenomena. I develop analytical and computational techniques to shed light on these questions and collaborate with leading experimentalists worldwide.

I welcome motivated undergraduate students to contact me directly. If our interests align, you may consider applying for the SN Bhatt summer program or the long-term visiting student program. Prospective Ph.D. students should apply directly through the ICTS graduate program. 


I have openings for postdocs in my group! If interested, please write to me with a summary of your work and a CV.

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