Brato Chakrabarti

I am currently a PhD student at the Microscale Flow Modeling group in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UC San Diego where I am advised by Prof. David Saintillan. I primarily work on developing theoretical and computational tools to study fluid-structure interactions in Stokes flow.

Prior to La Jolla, I obtained my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University, in the vibrant and beautiful city of Kolkata (Calcutta), India where I also grew up. Subsequently I completed my MS in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech, USA where I worked with Prof. James Hanna on equilibria of strings and dynamical systems.

A bit more about me! I am passionate about Hindustani classical music, an avid listener and learnt Tabla while growing up. More recently I have been learning Sarod, a fretless Indian string instrument. Besides this, I am interested in scientific data visualization, graphics, science outreach and enjoy teaching.

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Deparment of Mechanical Engineering, UCSD
SME 344C, La Jolla, 92093.

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